8 Signs showing that you are too long at your Job!

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Here are the 8 signs that you have been in your job too long. Staying in the same company for a long time can be very comfortable. But are you not feeling that something is missing?

By accommodating in the Comfort Zone in your current job, you could be letting opportunities pass you by.

Being in the same job can be very comfortable; you know everyone, you know how everything works and you don’t have many challenges to deal with. But are you not feeling that something is missing?

It’s important to take control of your career progression.

By staying longer in the same company than necessary, you may have let the opportunities pass and have damaged your long-term professional career prospects.

There’s no simple rule that tells you if you’ve been in your job too long. However, any job deserving of your time has to provide you to expand your skill set, with ongoing opportunities. Indeed, ADP Research Institute has conducted research in 2015 and 2018 and consequently identified that only 16 percent of workers across the globe are fully engaged with their jobs.

So, you are not alone if you feel your present role is lacking the magic it might have once had in the beginning.

If your work no longer inspires you, it could be time to look for something new.

Here are the 8 signs sound familiar, that you have been in your job too long;

1. You have lost your love for the job and for the company

Without really thinking about it;

  • you have stopped making an effort,
  • and you are submitting work that you know is not your best.

You used to be proud of your work, but you don’t feel that way anymore.

Therefore your current job now becomes to you;

  • routine,
  • boring and
  • unfulfilling.

2. You could do your job in your sleep

Your working life just isn’t supplying you with any challenges anymore. Although this may sound like a great feeling to you at first, now you realize that you miss those challenges and become more and more disengaged.

3. You are less sociable and your colleagues bore you

At the beginning, office socialization was fun, but not anymore. You started to keep conversations as short and impersonal as possible. Therefore, you do not interact with your colleagues after working hours.

4. You hate Mondays and are clock watching

Same, you arrive your workplace promptly and leave immediately when it ends. You carefully watch every break in between and ensure that they are never cut short. You count the days until weekends and holidays, even if they’re only a couple of days long.

5. You feel left out of meetings and serious decisions

Sometimes you feel as if no-one at work really notices you are there. You don’t get asked for your opinions and no one treats you as if you have anything to contribute beyond your day to day work. You think that people whom you feel are less qualified than you, usually have more reputation than you.

Ernst & Young’s latest Belonging Barometer survey, published in May 2019, interviewed more than 1,000 employed adult Americans and found that people who feel a strong sense of belonging at work, are more

  • productive,
  • motivated and
  • engaged.

Hence, these respondents said that they felt;

  • ignored,
  • stressed and
  • lonely.

Does this describe you?

6. You feel that you are not getting more promotion

Younger or less skilled people are chosen rather than you. You don’t feel that you get a fair degree of praise for the work you do, and you never seem to be singled out for bonuses. It’s a long time since you were last employee of the month, even though you’re in a small team.

7. You have stopped believing in your company

When you first started out you were passionate about what your company did or how it did it, but now you feel this passion is waning. You feel disillusioned and don’t think senior staff care about the company the way you once did. In addition, research has consistently shown that employees are most satisfied working for companies whose values they feel match their own.

So, if don’t feel you can identify with your company’s purpose or work, it might be time to consider a change.

8. You envy former colleagues who have resigned

Actually you may tell yourself you’re not talented or brave enough to do what they did. But even if they haven’t landed on their feet, you feel they’re better off out of the company you still work for.

Above all you keep thinking about the new opportunities open to them that you’re missing out on.

So, what to do next?

As a result, if you believe you have most of these indicators, it’s time to look for a new job.

We will continue in the coming post with the article; what to do next? But here are some tips about the steps to follow;

  • Update your CV
  • Apply for the positions
  • Prepare for interview
  • Contact a recruiter
  • Get a job offer
  • And be employee

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