Cover Letter of Mithat GUNEY, PMP

Cover Letter of Mithat GUNEY, PMP. Project Director, Senior Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, Technical Manager.

Cover Letter of Civil Eng. Mithat GUNEY, PMP

My Professional Career goal is as described in detail below in cover letter)

Project Director, Senior Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, Technical Manager.

Management of Reinforced Concrete, Precast, Structural / Light Gauge Steel and Mix Design Construction Projects.

Professional Project Manager Civil Engineer Mithat GÜNEY, PMP

Cover Letter

I want to manage multicultural and international construction projects by using my construction industry experience that I am proactively involved for more than 25 years, my professional project management vision and my servant-leadership skills and incorporating these values into the modern project management methodology, tailoring to the organization’s culture and structure.

I never pretend that I know everything of the environment, where I live. But I know very well the procedure for how to access the necessary information and how to manage the knowledge effectively and efficiently. Having life-long-learner vision and mentality keeps me up to date on my role and responsibility.

The PMP training gave me the opportunity to wear PMI glasses and look to my environment from that holistic perspective. In addition to the knowledge and experience I have gained to date, I was able to actively use my managerial and leadership skills to effectively communicate with key stakeholders and inspire team members.

My interpersonal and team skills will give me enough flexibility to operate on a Project-oriented or Matrix-type organization. The high level of representation and political and cultural sensitivity that I will demonstrate in order to efficiently achieve the organizational strategic objectives and project benefits will enable me to operate effectively in an international and multicultural environment.

Project Life Cycle

At the initiation of the project, I am willing to choose the appropriate Project Life Cycle that will meet the Business Value of the project I will manage, by examining enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets, which are the main inputs of the project, with my core team. As a team, we will adapt the Project Management Plan and Project Documents in line with the Strategic Goals of the upper management (Senior / Program / Portfolio Management or Project Management Office (PMO)).

In the planning stage, we will reduce the time and cost of corrective action with preventive approach. As a team, we will be sensitive to the planning, adaptation and follow-up of relevant Quality Management Plan, Human Resources policies, HSE Procedures, Management Plan, legislation and regulations and constraints.

During the implementation phase, I will be able to improve the skills of the team members by assessing their personal performance and removing the road blocks to reduce resistance levels and by providing them with vocational training to motivate and increase their concentration to accomplish their tasks.

Proactively monitoring and controlling the status of the implementation, following the appropriate Change and Configuration Management processes and being engaged with the Change Control Board to make an effective and efficient decision will ensure that the project follows the prescribed course. Through active listening, negotiation and motivation techniques, project stakeholders and team members will be involved in the process to ensure planned deliverables and improve project management processes throughout the Project Life Cycle.

During the closing phase of the Project Life Cycle, the collection of the Lessons Learned throughout the project with the participation of stakeholders, and the transfer to the knowledge base repository to be used for future projects, will increase the benefit of the organization.

Interpersonal Skills

My personal goal is to influence all stakeholders by sharing existing knowledge and experience with organizational team members. Following, I will be able to inspire them through the Life-Long Learning mission. And as a result, the project we manage will drive to change in the organization. After completion of the project and hand over to the end user, the organization’s state will be higher than before.

If you are looking for a collaborative, optimistic, complex problem solver, self-motivating and result-oriented leader, I believe I am one of the eligible candidates.


  • Project Management Professional, (PMP)® certified Civil Engineer (B.Sc.)
  • +20 years of Construction, Consultancy & Engineering industry experience.
  • Managing and successfully handover a large scale of Superstructure projects in excess of $200m
  • Extensive computer knowledge of Ms. Project, Primavera P6, Primavera Contract Management (PCM), Autocad, Ms. Office etc.
  • Effective verbal/written communication skills in Turkish (Native), English, German and Arabic
  • Able to work in multi-cultural / international projects in Istanbul, Turkey, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries
  • Pro-active, result-oriented, self-motivated, life-long learner Servant-Leader
  • Working for renowned top Contractor and Consultant background
  • Directly liaise with Key Stakeholders such as Sponsor, Client and Sub-Contractor to identify requirements
  • Execution and reporting of the project against the Senior Management / Program / Portfolio Management and Project Management Office (PMO) dynamically.
  • High-level representation ability across local and international government offices
  • Able to actively initiate (Structural, Architectural, MEP) inter-discipline / department dialogue
  • Able to maintain discretion and confidentiality during the Project Life Cycle
  • Able to delegate work appropriately to the team members
  • High-level approach of Complex Problem Solving and empowering team members
  • Strong Interpersonal and Team Skills such as Active Listening, Facilitating, Building Trust, Negotiating, Motivating, Coaching, Leadership
  • Competent planning and organizational skills such as Critical Thinking and Preventive Action approach
  • Experienced in managing Master Schedule in line with the constraints
  • Able to maintain Financial Operations, Budget, Conflict and Claims management between stakeholders
  • Proven Risk, Quality, HSE Management knowledge
  • Effective Change and Configuration Management
  • Experienced in process improvement and contribution of Knowledge Base by gathering Lessons Learned.

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Türkçe Anasayfa.

You may contact me one of the communication tools to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Job Description.

Yours Sincerely,

Civil Eng. Mithat GUNEY, PMP®
#mithatgüney / @mithatgny

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