Katıldığı Kurslar ve Sertifikaları

İnşaat Mühendisi Mithat GÜNEY, PMP’nin katıldığı bazı Kurslar ve Sertifikaları hakkında bilgiyi aşağıda bulabilirsiniz;

Aşağıda İnş. Müh. Mithat GÜNEY, PMP’nin katıldığı bazı Kurslar ve Sertifikaları hakkında bilgi bulabilirsiniz;

İnş. Müh. Mithat GÜNEY, PMP‘nin katıldığı bazı Kurslar ve Sertifikaları;

  • Project Management Professional PMP Certificate, Project Management Institute PMI, License 2213057, June 2018
  • ISO 14731 (EN 719) Welding Supervisor Certificate, Intertek, Aug 2014
  • Project Management Certificate, İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim, License 2248-106042 / 11962, 2009
  • Ms Project Based Project Planning and Controlling,
    İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim, 2009
  • Primavera P6 Advanced Level Certificate, PRM Yazılım, 106P, 2009
  • Primavera P6 Beginner Level Certificate, PRM Yazılım, 106P, 2009
  • Institutionalization, OHSAS and Coaching, Ayyıldız Danışmanlık, 2008
  • ISO 9001:2000 Management Course, Meyer, License YA 02.K.181.05, 2005
  • Totally Quality Management (TQM) Course, Prof. Dr. Muhittin ŞİMŞEK, 2004


Project Director, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Technical Manager.

Management of Superstructure Construction Projects such;

  • Reinforced Concrete,
  • Precast Concrete,
  • Industrial Heavy Steel Structure
  • Light Gauge Steel (LGS),
  • Cold Form Steel (CFS),
  • Pre-Engineered Building (PEB),
  • Precast Concrete
  • Mix Design


  • PMP certified Civil Engineer (B.Sc.) 
  • 20+ years of Construction & Engineering industry experience
  • Managing a large scale of Superstructure projects in excess of $120M by following the principles of PMI
  • Extensive computer knowledge of Ms. Project, Primavera P6, PCM, Autocad, Ms. Office etc.
  • Effective communication skills in Turkish (Native), English, German and Arabic
  • Able to work in multi-cultural / international projects in Istanbul, North Africa and GCC
  • Pro-active, result-oriented, self-motivated, life-long learner servant-leader
  • Working for renowned top Contractor and Consultant background
  • Directly liaise with Key Stakeholders to identify requirements
  • Execution and reporting of the project against the Senior Management and Project Management Office (PMO) dynamically.
  • High-level representation ability across local and international government offices
  • Able to actively initiate (Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)) inter-discipline / department dialogue
  • High ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality during the Project Life Cycle
  • Able to delegate work appropriately to the team members
  • High-level approach of Complex Problem Solving and empowering team members
  • Strong Interpersonal and Team Skills such as Active Listening, Facilitating, Building Trust, Negotiating, Motivating, Coaching, Leadership
  • Competent planning and organizational skills such as Critical Thinking and Preventive Action approach
  • Experienced in managing Master Schedule in line with the constraints
  • Able to maintain Financial Operations, Budget, Conflict and Claims between stakeholders
  • Proven Risk, Quality, HSE Management knowledge
  • Effective Change and Configuration Management
  • Experienced in process improvement and gathering Lessons Learned

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