His Professional Career

Professional Career of Civil Engineer Mithat GUNEY, PMP

Here is the Professional Career brief of Civil Eng. Mithat GUNEY, PMP;

OMRAN Engineering Consultants, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – KSA

Senior Project Manager
Feb 2019 – Apr 2020

Site visit of the Client

To provide Consultancy Services for the Developmental Housing Program (DHP) of the Ministry of Housing (MoH) in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Leading supervision, monitoring and controlling activities at site with Resident Engineers and site inspectors. (incl. site surveyor and discipline engineers).

Owner : Ministry of Housing (MoH)

Program Title : Developmental Housing Program (DHP)

Project Title : National Housing Projects

Client : National Housing Company (NHC)

PMO : Saudi Arabian Parsons Ltd (SAPL).

Consultant : OMRAN Engineering Consultants (OEC)

Contractor : KATERRA Saudi Arabia LLC

Number of units: 5.381 units


  • Site development and hand over to the Contractor.
  • Initiating the project by the Site Adaptation Plan, site preparation and mobilization.
  • Ensuring interdisciplinary (structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical) integration.
  • Liaise with the Technical Offices` Design Team.
  • The final review of the IFC Shop drawings and compliance for Clear Copy drawings.
  • Ensure full coordination of the Contractor.
  • Supervision and/or Inspection effort regarding the IFC Shop drawings, (MoS), Pr. Man. Plan, Tech. Spec.s, Test Plan (ITP), Quality Plan (QMP) etc.
  • The implementation of Quality and HSE procedures.
  • Review of Daily Progress Reports, Weekly Quality and Safety Reports, Monthly Progress Dashboards.
  • Monitoring and Maintaining the Schedule Baseline (SPI).
  • Performing Preventive / Corrective Actions.
  • Issuing Monthly Interim Payment Certificates regarding the BOQ framework.
  • Testing & Commissioning and Handover the project to the End User.

The reason for leaving;
End of contract (Downturn of ongoing projects because of covid-19 pandemic.)


NKY Architects and Engineers, Dammam, Saudi Arabia – KSA

Construction Project Manager
Oct 2015 – Dec 2018

NKY takes an important and serious place in his International and multicultural Professional Career.

To provide Consultancy Services for the KAP-2D Phase Project for the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 

To perform some kind of survey, inspection and supervision activities at site with the contribution of the core team.


  • Site development and hand over to the Contractor.
  • Initiating the project by the Site Adaptation Plan, site preparation and mobilization.
  • Ensuring (structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical)
    interdisciplinary integration.
  • Liaise with the Technical Offices` Design Engineers. 
  • The final review of the Clear Copy Shop drawings and compliance for (IFC).
  • Ensure full coordination of the Contractor. 
  • Evaluation of Work Notification (WN) requests.
  • Assessment of Site (IR), supervision regarding the Shop drawings, (MoS), Project Management Plan, Technical Specifications, Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), Quality Plan (QMP) etc. 
  • Observation of the MIR processes by third party.
  • The implementation of HSE procedures. 
  • Prepare and submit Weekly Reports to the PMO / Planning, QA/QC and Project Control Department’s.
  • Reporting monthly reports to the PMO.
  • Monitoring the Schedule Performance Index (SPI).
  • Providing conflict resolution and continuity of workflow by technical meetings with Client and/or Contractor’s representative.
  • Performing Preventive Actions.
  • Mentoring, training and coaching support to the team members.
  • Evaluation of (FCR).
  • Handling Corrective Actions.
  • Ensuring that As-Built copies are generated by the Design Office.
  • Compliance of technical data for the completed work packages as per the BOQ framework.
  • Delivery of Lessons Learned and project documents to the PMO.
  • Handover the project to the End User. 
  • Providing up-to-date configuration to the Key Stakeholders (of Consultant (NKY`s PMO), Contractor and Customer (MOI)) by updating all these related project documents to the Project Management Information System (PMIS).

J&P and BEC

Used Computer Software;
Ms.Office, Adobe Reader, Ms. Project, Primavera Contract Management (PCM), Autocad

The reason for leaving;
Hand over the project to the end user.


Vefa Holding – VEKON Prefabricated Construction Solutions, Istanbul – TURKIYE

Technical Manager
Sep 2014 – Jun 2015

Technical Office Manager at VEKON Prefabricated Construction Solutions. VEKON is a brand of Vefa Holding.

Managed the breaking top-down of Tender Documents, received from the Clients and preparation of Proposal Documents (incl. Design
Drawings, BOQ and Master Plan) activities of the Domestic and
International Turnkey Camp Projects with his technical team.

Demonstrating Shop Drawings, Schedule and Cost Baselines, following signing contract. This Projects were consisting from facilities such as; Residential, Office, Dining, Storage and Workshop buildings.


  • Bid Document / BOQ Extracting.
  • Tender / Proposal Preparation.
  • Pre and After Sales Technical Support.
  • Technical Implementation Guidance.

Used Computer Software;
AutoCad, Ms. Office, Ms. Project, Sap2000, XSteel, IFS.

The reason for leaving;
My way doing the right was different from the current management.



Project Manager
Jan 2010 – Aug 2014

Project Manager of GÜVEN Construction, which was operating in Superstructure Construction area, practiced in Reinforcement Concrete and Structural Steel, Light Gauge / Cold Formed Steel projects.


Managed the turnkey superstructure construction projects with his technical team under Scope, Time, Cost, Quality Management specifications of PMI methodology;

  • Business Development; to monitor new projects and actual bids/tenders in the industry from social media, area, construction and customer visits at specific intervals.
  • Tender and Bid Management; to perform benefit-cost analysis and feasibility studies. 
  • Planning & Design; to perform architectural and structural design and sizing, to create cost of exploration, to prepare Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical drawings compatible each other and getting approval from the Employer and Government offices. 
  • Contract Management; to prepare Owner and Employee Contracts, Sub-Subcontractor Agreement and the Technical Specs. 
  • Resource and Procurement Management; to asses the project needs, benefit-cost analysis and variance analysis of exploration, material supply, the establishment of payment plans and delivery planning.
  • Implementation; to develop Schedule Baseline (CPM), cost and schedule forecasts, measuring of monthly performance, supplier & seller management, change management, electricity, potable water, sewage, gas etc. connections, making contracts and subscriptions with Government offices, weekly / monthly status reporting to top management, control department and employer.
  • Monitoring & Controlling; to monitor schedule & cost baselines, to prepare employers merit and final accounts, approval and issuance of payment plans according to monthly and final progress payment of Supplier.
  • Handover; administrative and contractual closure and handover transition to end user.

Used Computer Software; 
Autocad, Ms Office, Ms Project, Sap2000, XSteel etc.

The reason for leaving;
Economical and financial conditions.

GEMKON Co, Inc., Istanbul – TURKIYE 

Technical Manager
Apr 2002 – Nov 2009

Professional Career of Civil Eng. Mithat GUNEY, PMP

Technical Manager of company GEMKON Co. Inc., which was a Superstructure Construction company and implementing Shopping Mall, Trade Center, Hotel, Showroom, Warehouse, Shipyard, Factory, Private Villa, Housing etc. projects.

Is proud to be a part of the team of giving life to domestic and overseas prestigious projects. 
Within the Institutionalization scope of the company established the TUV ISO9001 TQM systems and also implemented successfully.


Managed the turnkey superstructure construction projects with the technical team;

  • Business Development Management
  • Tender and Bid Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Planning & Design Management
  • Resource and Procurement Management
  • Implementation (Manufacturing and Installation) Management
  • Monitoring and Controlling Management
  • Closing and Handover Transition to end user

Some of project;

  • Shopping Center & Mall; 
    • İstinye Park Shopping Mall (1.800 tonnes), 
    • Optimum 2 Mall (13.486 m²), 
    • Kemermall, Korupark, MKM
  • Hospital; 
    • Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, 
  • Housing and Social Fac.; 
    • Millenium Park (Turnkey 34 unit Triplex Housing Construction), 
    • Taşyapı Yeşil Vadi Konakları, 
    • Sevim Gümüşsoy Vakfı 
  • Trade Center; 
    • Akofispark, 
    • Divan Istanbul Asia & City
    • Seyhan Business Center, 
    • Bosch-Siemens Head Office, 
    • Suadiye Park, Akkim, 
    • Şahsuvaroğlu Ssangyong Algeria 
  • Motorway Bridge Appl. ;
    • Metrobus Transfer Bridge between Topkapı – Avcılar made from Heavy Steel Construction. 
  • Industrial Plants; 
    • Heavy Steel Structure Fırat Plastik (25.000 m²), 
    • Heavy Structure Steel Gündoğdu Shipyard (8.000 m²) 
  • Architectural Applications ;
    • Celal Birsen,
    • Tago Mimarlık,
    • Midek-Mingü,
    • BB Mimarlık,
    • Rozak,
    • Pelit,
    • Zara Store – Israel 

Used Computer Software; 
Autocad, Ms Office, Ms Project, Sap2000, XSteel, Photoshop etc.

The reason for leaving;
Global economical and financial conditions.


Mimyapı Mimarlık, Istanbul – TURKIYE

Civil Structural Engineer
Oct 1996 – Mar 2002

Structural Engineer in the Architectural & Engineering firm, which was operating in the getting construction permits, preparation of design and shop drawings and implementing construction activities. 


  • Preparation of Design Drawings, Structural Calculations, Architectural and Structural Shop Drawings for getting Construction Permit from Government Offices.
  • Taking the Technical Responsibility (TUS) of the Shop Drawings which be applied to the field, Coordinating tradesman`s job assignments, Daily reporting, Monitoring and estimating materials and equipment during construction phase.

Some of references; 

  • Yakuplu Municipality Building : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking the Technical Responsibility (TUS) of the Reinforced Concrete project – Yakuplu / Istanbul 
  • Milenyum Houses : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking Technical Responsibility (TUS) of 20 Reinforced Concrete Housing project – Alemdar / Istanbul 
  • Ağaçseven Compound : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking the Technical Responsibility (TUS) of Reinforced Concrete Compound project – Kadıköy / Istanbul 
  • Millet Street Urban Transforming Project : Preparing the due diligence and structural reports of the underpasses and overpasses of Millet Street for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 
  • Urban Transforming around Golden Horn Project : Determination of the new Position and Function of Valide Sultan Bridge and Landscape Project for IMM 
  • Building Supplements : Strengthening and Repair of medium and mild level damaged buildings after the Marmara Earthquake 
  • Construction Permits : Preparation of Architectural and Structural Shop Drawings for construction permit about 250.000 m² area.
  • Technical Responsibility (TUS) of over 50.000 m² construction area. 

Used Computer Software; 
Autocad, Ms Office, İdestatik, Sap2000, Photoshop etc

The reason for leaving;
Military obligation


Professional Career of Civil Eng. Mithat GUNEY, PMP

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