Some Projects of Mithat GUNEY

Some Projects of Civil Engineer Mithat GUNEY, PMP in Reinforced Concrete, Structural Steel, Light Gauge Steel (LGS), Cold Form Steel (CFS) or Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), Precast Concrete Superstructure Construction projects.

Here are mentioned some of prestigious Projects of Civil Engineer Mithat GUNEY, PMP as reference;

Averda – Red Sea Project, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia – KSA

To design and construct of fast track Waste Management Center Project, which aims to provide recycling and waste management service to the Red Sea Project.

OMRAN Engineering Consultants, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – KSA

To provide Consultancy Services for the Developmental Housing Program (DHP) of the Ministry of Housing (MoH) in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Ministry of Housing (MoH), KSA – Precast Concrete Housing Project

NKY Architects & Engineers, Dammam, Saudi Arabia – KSA

Consultancy and Controlling services at Precast Structured Training Center Construction Project in the Eastern Province (Dammam) of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Ministy of Interior (MOI), KSA – Precast Concrete Compound


  • VEKON – Pre-engineered, Light Gauge Steel Camp Projects
Light Gauge Steel LGS Villa Project
  • Umraniye Special Training Education Buildings
Umraniye Special Training Education Buildings – Istanbul
  • Yalova Goncagul Private Kindergarten Building
Private Kindergarten
Fer Yapı Mai Sales Office – Istanbul
  • Derin Enerjisa  
One Floor Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Office Building
Double Floor Cold Form Steel (CFS) Site Office
One Floor Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Private Villa
6 Floor Private Apartment – Sinop


Shopping Center & Mall;

Istinye Park Shopping Mall – Istanbul
MASA Istanbul – Istinye Park
Louis Vuitton – Istinye Park
Istinye Park – Gucci
Hugo Boss – Istinye Park
Optimum 2 Mall – Istanbul
MKM Mall – Istanbul


Housing and Social Fac.; 

Millenium Park Houses – Istanbul
Yeşil Vadi Konakları – Istanbul
  • Sevim Gümüşsoy Vakfı, Istanbul
Sevim Gümüşsoy Vakfı – Istanbul


Istanbul Asia Divan
Istanbul City – Divan

Trade Center; 

  • Akofispark, Istanbul
Akofispark – Istanbul
  • Starbucks Kadikoy, Istanbul
Starbucks Kadıkoy – Istanbul
Şahsuvaroğlu Ssangyong – Algeria

Motorway Pass Bridge, Istanbul

  • Metrobus Transfer Bridge between Topkapı – Avcılar made from Heavy Steel Construction. 
Metrobus Transfer Bridge between Topkapı – Avcılar

Industrial Plants; 

  • Fırat Plastik Warehouse (25.000 m²), Heavy Steel Structure 
Fırat Plastik Warehouse – Istanbul
  • Gündoğdu Shipyard (8.000 m²) Heavy Structural Steel 
Gündoğdu Shipyard – Karasu – Sakarya


  • Yakuplu Municipality Building : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking the Technical Responsibility (TUS) of the Reinforced Concrete project – Yakuplu / Istanbul.
  • Milenyum Houses : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking Technical Responsibility (TUS) of 20 Reinforced Concrete Housing project – Alemdar / Istanbul. 
  • Ağaçseven Compound : preparation of Structural Calculations and Shop Drawings and taking the Technical Responsibility (TUS) of Reinforced Concrete Compound project – Kadıköy / Istanbul.
  • Millet Street Urban Transforming Project : Preparing the due diligence and structural reports of the underpasses and overpasses of Millet Street for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
  • Urban Transforming around Golden Horn Project : Determination of the new Position and Function of Valide Sultan Bridge and Landscape Project for IMM.
  • Building Supplements : Strengthening and Repair of medium and mild level damaged buildings after the Marmara Earthquake.
  • Construction Permits : Preparation of Architectural and Structural Shop Drawings for construction permit about 250.000 m² area.
  • Technical Responsibility (TUS) of over 50.000 m² construction area.

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