So, what to do next to find a new Job?

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In the previous post we talked about the 8 signs showing that you are too long in your job. Now let us continue with; ”What to do next to find a new Job?”

In the previous post we talked about the 8 Signs showing that you are too long at your Job. If you believe you have most of these indicators, it’s time to look for a new job. Let us continue with the article; ”What to do next to find a new Job?”

Update your CV

When you’ve been in one job for a long time, most probably you might not have updated your CV for a while. So, it’s important to focus on the skills you’ve developed and your achievements in the role since then.

Write down about projects you worked on and arrange what you write in an order that shows you’ve made progress. Update also your profile especially in LinkedIn and other recruitment browsers, compatible with your CV.

Apply for the positions

Search the recruitment engines and web pages according to your new career path. Filter your requirements and skills such as job title, work location, according to either part-time or full-time, single or family package etc.

Also your personal social environment takes here importance, to reach the job advertisements and open positions. So, communicate close with your ex colleagues, friends, co-workers. Inform them about your goals and searches.

Be active in LinkedIn on daily basis by commenting to the posts, liking and sharing them. In addition to that, you may share your knowledge and experience with your LinkedIn contacts. Spend daily basis up to half an hour on LinkedIn to develop your business contacts, especially from managers and recruiters. Review periodically `Who viewed your profile` and request to connect if you believe that it is suitable for you. Search for the Jobs, those are matching with your career path and skills, and of course apply for the appropriate positions.

Prepare for interview

There are three things for preparation for interview, you will need to tackle as quickly and as firmly as possible:

  1. Firstly, you will need to explain in positive terms why you were in one place for so long. You will also need to reassure the interviewer that your skills are up to date.
  2. Then, show that you have what it takes to integrate into a new business culture. If you’ve recently developed new hobbies or done volunteer work, this can help to show that you’re still flexible.
  3. If you’ve stayed in the same role for years, the interviewer may be especially interested to know why you are looking to leave your current job now. You will also need to be ready to talk through your CV with the interviewer, explaining how one stage led to the next. Try to express yourself to answer `what makes you a natural choice for the role you’re being interviewed for now?`

Contact a recruiter

You could spend all your working hours looking through job adverts on your own, but a skilled recruiter will be able to look at your CV and instantly match you up with suitable positions. Check your contact channels and e-mail account periodically, for feedback coming from Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Specialists.

Get a job offer

After that, most probably you will receive positive responses and will return to a job offer. Following the `receiving a job offer`, you may negotiate with the recruiter about the conditions in detail. Hopefully, you may sign the job offer at the end.

And be employee

There are no guarantees, but you could be about to find yourself in a job that really makes you feel alive. With the completion of the recruitment procedure, most probably you may join your new company. Following the acquisition, you will be deployed to your permanent work place, after the probation period.

We hope you found this article ”What to do next?” helpful and as a guide. Herewith, we wish you good luck during this survival and hope that joining an organization, matching with your skills and professional career path.

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